NET Academies Trust

Our Values

All academies sponsored by the National Education Trust commit to the values of the Trust and subscribe to embedding them in practice.

A NET Academy has the following characteristics:


All learners should achieve their best:

  • Learning environments are vibrant places where young minds can grow and develop.
  • Warm relationships, humour and clear expectations shape the ethos and values of the classroom.
  • Opportunities for risk taking, exploration of new knowledge and concepts, and experimentation permeate.
  • Evaluation of lessons by children is valued and acted upon.

Every child will be supported to succeed academically:

  • All pupils will be expected, at age 8, to achieve (using current national curriculum levels) Level 3 in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • All pupils will be expected to achieve secure Level 4 at age 11, and 50% of pupils expected to achieve Level 5.
  • All pupils will at age 11 have a reading age which at least matches their chronological age.
  • All 12 year-olds will achieve Level 5, leading to at least a grade C in mathematics and English at age 16.
  • All 16 year olds will achieve at least seven GCSE grades A* – C

NET expects all schools to be fully inclusive and to promote equality principles.  Children with disabilities and special educational needs, including emotional and behaviour difficulties, will be fully incorporated into the life and the work of the school. Their specific learning and well-being outcomes and long-term support will be reflected in similarly robust and appropriate learning outcomes.

Every child will be given the opportunity to develop:

  • All pupils will develop positive personal well-being, high levels of resilience and high self-esteem
  • All pupils will develop a keen awareness of themselves within their local community and as global citizens
  • All pupils will develop a deep understanding of key values of justice and equality of opportunity
  • All pupils will participate in a wide range of cultural experiences, sports, health education and community responsibilities
  • All pupils will enjoy high academic/vocational success in curriculum areas which best harness their talents.

High quality provision is non-negotiable:

  • A stimulating learning environment and campus, open year-round, with the best arts, music, physical education and ICT facilities.
  • A skilfully woven curriculum that brings together local, national and international dimensions
  • Teaching and learning approaches which bring together the best international practice
  • Strong programmes of support and intervention, including behaviour management, confidence building, philosophy and citizenship
  • Excellent systems for reviewing pupils’ progress and reporting to families
  • Innovative and effective partnerships with the wider community
  • A comprehensive programme of learning ‘outdoors’ including links with cultural and heritage centres; residential study visits and community-based activities.
  • Full access and facilities for those with limited mobility, partial sensory deprivation or specific learning needs.

How will this be achieved?

  • Secure outstanding leadership at all levels within the school
  • Develop excellent governance and strategic planning, including legal, promotional and financial management
  • Appoint highly qualified, excellent teachers, administrative and learning support staff
  • Establish a regular forum for students and families to discuss views with school leaders and governors
  • Invest in staff and governor training through an on-site centre for ‘leadership and learning’, linked to NET’s highly respected training programmes
  • Adopt the best international systems for self-evaluation and inspection.

NET believes that partnerships and collaboration are the key to meeting the challenge of raising pupils’ attainment. We will therefore be at the forefront of bringing schools and partners together to learn from the best and to inspire each other.

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