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The National Education Trust has earned a reputation for raising the profile of great leadership and educational practice in schools across the country. Schools are about academic achievement and attainment. They are equally about developing confident 21st Century citizens ready to take on the world. We aim to work with those who share this vision.

NET Academies Trust is the multi-academy trust set up by the National Education Trust. We sponsor selected schools to develop their role and to offer something special to the children and young people in their communities.

A message of welcome from the Board of Directors

The establishment of the National Education Trust (NET), already a highly regarded educational organisation, as a sponsor of academies, was a carefully considered move by its trustees.  NET investment in the academy model brings with it a defined set of values as well as considerable expertise and experience of successful school improvement. The Board of Directors for the NET Academies Trust, is able to build upon some powerful foundations.

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NET is already driving forward an exciting portfolio of professional development, investing in the education of children and young people and in those who choose to work in and with schools. Links forged with inspirational practice, informed debate on policy and innovation in leadership are the significant strands of what is shared and celebrated at NET events across the country.  We know that thoughtful, timely collaborations and dynamic  engagement with partners who share our ambitions can bring about sustained school improvement.  It remains important to the NET Academies Board of Directors that the values underpinning the success of the National Education Trust to date, remain intact and inform how we go about the important business of sponsoring schools as academies.

NET has a history of working with some of the most exciting schools and school leaders in the country. We have designated NET Advocacy Schools and they form a body of knowledge about teaching and learning that continues to produce some outstanding results for the students who attend them. These schools choose to share their practice and to open up to others an informed view of what is possible when inspired leaders and motivated staff get to work together. NET has also attracted a number of Associate Directors, school leaders with the drive, expertise and credentials to work alongside other schools as they pick up the challenge to improve.

Our programme of NET events is open to each of our academies and features rich opportunities for professional staff and partners to take a first-hand look inside great schools and classrooms. Regular debates and themed seminars on topical educational issues, input from Leading Thinkers, and high quality training events continue to attract school leaders and classroom practitioners in high numbers across the UK.  NET has also undertaken commissions for educational research and development and publishes opinion pieces on matters of national importance in a series of publications known as Counterblasts. If you would like to learn more of NET’s body of work click here.

We are determined to align the expertise, passion and insights of all of our associates to maintain a set of vibrant and valued education networks for our academies. We have a great team of advisers and specialists working at the centre of the NET organisation to ensure that we can substantiate a distinctive reputation for effective partnerships leading to school improvement. We conduct all of our business and professional relationships to a standard that we can continue to be proud of.

This rich mix of knowledge, skills and experience is at the disposal of those schools choosing to work with us as part of the NET Academies Trust. It is the case that we can all grow and learn if we work alongside others on a similar quest. We believe that educational outcomes for children in each of our academies must and will improve from our joint endeavours.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us and become part of NET Academies Trust.

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