NET Academies Trust

NET Achievement Record

Each Academy has a bespoke NET Achievement Record, which is shared with Directors, local governors, auditors and inspectors, to agreed timelines.

Led and monitored by the Executive Director and the Head of School Improvement, NET determines a ‘service level agreement’ with each of the academies it sponsors/partners, with the following information:

  • Name of lead school improvement adviser, responsible for producing the NET Achievement Record (see below for the list of school improvement advisors)
  • Number of days of support and challenge
  • Number of days of training provided to school, per half-term, based in the on-site leadership centre

With intervention is inverse proportion to success:

  • A designated special measures school will receive up to two days a week in its first terms, of bespoke intervention. Each month a full report (using the five key Ofsted aspects) will be written by the school improvement adviser and submitted to the Executive Director and Trustees. Follow-up action taken as judged.
  • A designated grade 3 school will receive up to one day a week in its first terms. Each month a full report is written and submitted. Follow-up action taken as judged.
  • A good or better school will receive one day per half-term, of negotiated challenge and support, akin to a high quality ‘school improvement partner (SIP)’ model, with bespoke written reports.
    All reports include evaluation of (i) pupils’ progress and attainment data; (ii) progress on the school development plan towards the school being judged good/outstanding; (iii) commentary on aspects of practice which should be celebrated and shared nationally via NET’s associates and advocacy schools.

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